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the 5 venomous snakes of Bali

Since the dog of a friend of mine just got bitten by a green pitviper I thought I should share some additional information I got from Ron Lilley of the Indonesian Nature Foundation.

1. The common spitting cobra (Naja sputatrix), read more information in my previous post Facts about the Common Spitting Cobra and what to do if you get bitten by one.

2. Green/Bamboo pitviper (Lipi gadang) (Trimeresurus /Cryptelytrops albolabris or insularis) from coast into the hills. Common in wooded areas living in trees, bamboo and bushes.

3. King cobra (Ular raja) (Ophiophagus hannah) definitely in Negara, west coast forests north of Tanah Lot. Can be more than 3m long.

4. Blue Krait (Bungarus candidus) (Ular weling/ Lipi poleng) – black and whiute banded form in Ubud, all black form in Canggu.

5. Asian coral snake (Maticora/Calliophis intestinalis subspecies) one recorded from Ubud. A burrowing snake, seldom seen.

All f these snakes are venomous, and any bites should be regarded as serious and need to be treated as soon as possible. Treatment for all species is pretty much the same. I would guess that the 2 most common bites are from the spitting cobra and the green pitviper.

For all of these species, except for the spitting cobra, there is no antivenom on the island, (need to send away to Thailand for it!). Antivenom supplies for the spitting cobra are in very limited supply (it is made in Bandung by BioFarma) and can be expensive.


  1. I should add that the dog is responding well to treatment and will be all good again! :)

  2. Damn! now I have to watch out for snakes . . . I was checking out “surfing, bali” on youtube and saw a few “pythons in the surf” vids . . . so thought to check in further . . . this should be fun.

  3. Hi Lisa,

    It is nice to hear that the do is responding well and he will be all well soon. These snakes are certainly some of the top venomous snakes not only in Asia but all over the world. I was just wondering why didn’t you mention Saw-scaled Viper in your post. Are they not be found in Bali.